Below, you'll find a collection of articles I've written over the course of my professional career. Some academic, some opinion. But they are all a reflection of my exploration in design as I continue to learn new information, and draw new conclusion. Most of my writing is published on You can follow me on Medium by clicking here and then clicking the "Follow" button next to my name. I hope you enjoy!
Transitioning Communication from Skeuomorphism to Minimalism
Transitioning Communication from
Skeuomorphism to Minimalism 
Life is full of cause and effect. A movement of one type is like the backward motion of a swingset, prepping and arming the momentum of the opposing motion to take its stride. In design, many mark modernism as one of the great movement, led by designers such as Paul Rand and Jan Tschichold.​​​​​​​
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3 Common Misuses of Color
in Data Visualization

Color is one of the most common ways and effective ways to convey information through data visualization. However, it can also be an easy way to confuse the reader through irresponsible use of color.
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